An alliance only exists when we have allies. In the Alliance Against Leprosy, we share the dream and the struggle of a Brazil free from this disease and with people and companies who believe in our cause and our work. With them we go further and faster, we can raise awareness and mobilize more people, empower more health professionals and impact the lives of more Brazilians affected by leprosy. We are grateful for those who walk by our side!



Service providers

Be part of this alliance

We want you to be our ally in this mission! Some ways to help:

Be a volunteer

Volunteer work transforms realities and strengthens our actions. Our volunteer program is under development, but you can pre-register through our online form.

Be a recurring donor

Our activities require frequent resources, so that our research is not interrupted and new doctors are trained. With only R$ 0,84 per day you can make a difference! In addition, those who donate to the AAL have the benefit of offsetting values on their Income Tax Return.

Be a one-time donor

Some projects need one-time donations to make them happen. Travel costs are one of our challenges. Visit our donations page and see how simple, fast and easy it is to contribute online.

Make your resources available for our activities

We travel to distant and hard-to-reach places, where no one wants to go and only private planes and boats can access. Equipment and materials are welcome in our activities.

Or, if you prefer, make a bank transfer

Instituto Dra. Laila de Laguiche (Alliance Against Leprosy)
Banco do Brasil
Ag. 1622-5
C/C: 20346-7

Do you want to be part of our alliance?

To be a supporter of the Alliance Against Leprosy, fill out the form below or send an email to [email protected]. If you want to speak directly to us, please contact us by phone: +55 41 98839.1024