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We operate on three strategic fronts: education, science and philanthropy. We provide specialized training to physicians in the most needy regions of the country. We promote field care by visiting patients and remote communities. We invest in science.

Projects planned for 2019

Magna Class in Pernambuco – DONE

Magna Class in Recife (PE), with Prof Marco Marco, from USP Ribeirão Preto. Content will be delivered to the three Dermatology services and to all residents.

Leprosy Training in the Araguaia Xingu Region – DONE

The start of the activities of the AAL Institute was marked by the launch of the training/updating program in Leprosy for health professionals from Araguaia Xingu. The initiative, held between May 12 and 17, was done in partnership with the State Health Secretariat of Mato Grosso, Confessa Municipal Health Secretariat (MT) and São Félix do Araguaia Municipal Health Secretariat (MT). The aim of the project is to improve disease indicators in this region. Since 2010, 22,299 new cases of leprosy have been registered in Mato Grosso, according to the Ministry of Health. The course was taught by Dr. Jaison Antônio Barreto, a Leprologist at the Lauro de Souza Lima Institute. The impacted population reaches 110 thousand people.

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